CitySwitch Waste Assessment Tool

CitySwitch has a simple waste assessment tool that gives you a snapshot of what is going in your bins, such as take away coffee cups, and provides a report outlining solutions for your office.

Complete the easy-to-use worksheet for your office or floor at the end of every day, preferably for one week. Send this worksheet to your local CitySwitch program manager and receive a CitySwitch Waste Assessment report which includes:    

  • An Executive Summary detailing:
    • current waste generation and recycling rates
    • recycling potential
    • the composition of your waste
    • potential cost savings to your organisation   
  • An Action Plan with specific actions tailored to your office
  • A detailed overview of your waste generation by waste stream and location
  • A contamination and leakage overview identifying areas of improvement
  • A detailed examination of potential cost savings     

Download the Waste Assessment tool worksheet.


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